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Benote Tzion (Hebrew: "Daughters of Zion") is an Israeli and International Praise Dance team. In 1991, God began a new work through Benote Tzion, using silk banners. Dancing silks are so gentle and graceful that they have been a bridge into many churches that have been closed to dance and movement. They are very easy to use and can easily be danced with by children and grandmothers alike. The wind of the Spirit is felt as they silks dance in various rhythms and movements. As they slip into a canopy, many people feel led to lay down under them and allow the billows to wash over them. There is a sense of entering into the Bridal Chuppah (canopy). 

Jean has written a small booklet on Dancing Silks, their beginning history, instructions for completing the moves, and photos of the movements. We are presently working on placing that booklet on our web site.

As Jean saw a need for more modesty in dance wear, garments that would honor God and be less distracting to the flesh, she designed and developed a line of dance wear called Garments of Praise.

Jean encourages you to rise up and worship God with all your might, regardless of age, size, color or whatever you may think blocks you from praising the King of glory. Dance is a powerful weapon of our warfare, as is singing, clapping, shouting, playing instruments, stamping, etc. We can all find a voice in the dance (Ps. 149). We are not all called to be part of a dance team or choir, but these expressions (dance and song) are our powerful weapons (songs of deliverance). God has gifted each of us uniquely and placed us in the body for His glory. We are jointly fit together and each has a job to do in the battle and the victory celebration.

Jean is available for teaching hands-on workshops in the area of praise dance for adults and children, dancing silks (teaching movements with silk banners), preparing and dyeing silk banners, and biblical teaching on praise in motion. You can reach her via email:



Mrs. Jean Mabry

3603 Pineview Rd.

Maryville, TN 37803

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