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For Zion's Sake made their first tour to Israel in 1999, presenting the dances and songs of the people as a gesture of friendship and goodwill. In 2001, the dance troupe once again toured Israel, bringing with them their special joy and enthusiasm for the land of the Bible.

The troupe are members of a large home school group in Knoxville, Tennessee. The children range in age from 6 to 19. They are accompanied on the tours by at least one parent, some of whom participated with their children in several traditional Israeli dances such as Ani Oleh Jerusalem, Noladiti L'Shalom and Eretz, Eretz, Eretz. This dance troupe spent 2000-01 studying about the land of Israel, learning traditional dances and studying Hebrew language as part of their home school education. They believe this to be the ultimate field trip!

After visiting Hannah Szenes' kibbutz and museum the first trip, they felt a special connection to her story. When Hannah was just a young girl herself, newly immigrated to the Holy Land from Hungary, she felt the call of God to go back and help others escape the persecution. FZS came to Israel with a heart full of love and as an expression of solidarity with the people and the land of the Bible. They brought a unique dance choreography using art on silk to express the words of Hannah's poem, Eli Eli, in an unusual "arts in motion" presentation.

Out of this dance troupe, which still meets every month, was felt the need to train up new young people to follow in their footsteps. To this end, in 2004, Bezalel School of International Dance and Pageantry was born. This school trains up new members for our For Zion's Sake dance team, which still meets once a month, travels with our adult dance team, Benote Tzion. For Zion's Sake, in turn, feeds new members into Benote Tzion. Most events require a combination of both teams to prepare the dances we are asked to present.

If you would like to have For Zion's Sake or Benote Tzion dance at your event, please fill out the BOOKING FORM or call or send us an email with the information on the booking form. Dancing for the LORD is a privilege and a passion for us. Therefore, we do not ask for payment. Our reward is in heaven, where we will dance for ETERNITY before the King of Kings!

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