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For the full policy please see our Policies and Procedures


We follow Knox County Schools for all weather related closings. If Knox County schools are closed for weather, Bezalel will be closed. We only follow Knox County for weather related closings. We do not close when they close for sickness. Check our School Calendar for all other important Bezalel dates. If you live in a nearby county that is closed for weather-related conditions, but Knox County is not closed, please use your judgement on whether it is safe for you to come to classes.


All Bezalel families are required to serve for several volunteer shifts per semester depending on number of families signed up.



Door Monitor (11:45 am to 4:30 pm)

Cleaning ( 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm)


For the entire sickness policy please see our Policies and Procedures.


Please do not bring your child to school if they show any signs of sickness. Due to the outbreak of Covid and the flu season coming up, we also ask that if anyone in your family shows symptoms or tests positive for Covid, Flu, or Strep that the entire family please stay home. Please be respectful of other families and stay home when sick. Let's try to help stop sickness from spreading.

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