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CLASSES for ages 14 & older

Torah Club

Teacher: Debbie Orta

This is a YEAR LONG commitment.  

Tuition: $60 club membership - paid to FFOZ when the student signs up under My Torah Club (the teacher receives no compensation or payment)

Materials Fee: $10 for the year

Israeli Folk & Messianic Dancing

Teachers: Kat Dockery

Mission:  This class is a wonderful place to fellowship and lift each other up.  We want everyone to feel comfortable and confident in their God-give ability and beauty!  "She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come."  Prov. 31:25

This class is open and FREE for all Bezalel students ages high school and older.  It is an introduction class into Hebrew Praise Dance as well as just a fun outlet for fellowship and community.  Come and learn something new, and get a little exercise.  Any skill level is welcome!​  We will learn how to use flags, banners, and tallits (square hand-held individual banners) in praise and worship.

Tuition: FREE 
Materials Fee: FREE

First Fruits of Zion

Moderator: Sarah Watkins

This is a free mom's discipleship class.  The fall semester we will be studying "HaYesod" which means "the foundation."  This program educates believers on their relationships with the promised land, God's chosen people, Israel, and the scriptures God gave to Moses and to us.  Ten lessons that explore the Jewish foundation of Christianity with videos filmed in Israel:

1 Our Foundation - His Torah

2 Our Birthright - His Salvation

3 Our Connection - His Covenants

4 Our Rabbi - His Teachings

5 Our Call - His Yoke

6 Our Identity - His Apostle

7 Our Mail - His Letters

8 Our Calendar - His Appointments

9 Our Boundaries - His Commandments

10 Our Walk - His Path

The spring semester we will study the Sabbath:

1 A Sanctuary in Time

2 The Appointed Times

3 A Taste of the Kingdom

4 Sabbaths and the Jewish people

5 Sabbath and Gentile Believers

6 The Day of Delight

7 The Day of Rest

8 The Sabbath Breaker

9 The New Sabbath

10 The Day of Eternity

Tuition: FREE
Materials Fee: $35 (workbook) per semester (unless you already have one)

Wild Edibles & Medicinals of East TN

(Ages 12 +)

Teacher: Laura Parker

Mission:  "Then God said, 'Behold, I have given you every seed-bearing herb"and every tree with seed in its fruit.  They are yours for food."  Genesis 1:29

We will be learning plant identification, medicinal benefits and cautions, safe and conscientious foraging, preservation and storage, medicine creation, plus recipes and techniques of edible plant usage.

Tuition:  FREE

Materials Fee:  $25/semester (for plant journal, medicine-making supplies, & storage containers)


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