Moms Torah Club

Facilitator: Debbie Orta

Have you ever wanted to go more in depth in your Bible Studies? See our Messiah in the Old Testament and know more about the prophecies spoken of Him thousands of years before His birth? Ever feel like there was something missing, something more than what you have studied? Then Torah Club is for you.

Torah Club is a one-year cycle Bible Study of the first five books of the Bible called the Torah. The word “Torah” is best translated as “instruction”. It comes from an archery term that means “hit the mark”. When we obey God’s Torah/instructions, we hit the mark. When we don’t follow His instructions, we “miss the mark”... we sin. But God gave us His instructions for us to live a fruitful, blessed and victorious life. 

Torah Club follows the First Fruits of Zion Torah Portions schedule. The Torah Portions are passages of Scripture that are read aloud in Jewish synagogues every week. Genesis through Deuteronomy is broken into 54 portions containing a few chapters each. The names of the weekly portions are derived from a Hebrew word in the first sentence of the portion.

Torah Club helps us to understand our the Word of God through a Messianic Hebrew mindset, therefore giving us greater insight to the times and cultures of the Bible and our Messiah, Yeshua/Jesus.

Bezalel Registration Fee:$0

Tuition: FREE to Parents of Bezalel Students.

Materials Fee: There will be a registration fee for this class... (see Debbie Orta for more info on how to sign up for this class.)

Moms Dance and Banners

Teacher: Molly Cooper & Rhonda Cooper


Mom's Dance 

This class is open and FREE for all parents of Bezalel students! If you are not a parent of a Bezalel student but are an adult who would love to learn to worship the Lord through dance and would feel more comfortable dancing with those of your own age, please contact us and we can discuss pricing. We would love to have you join us!


Dancing Silks


 This class will instruct adults in the use of dancing silks--a beautiful art form that was created by Bezalel's founder, Jean Mabry, and is now used throughout the world. In this class students will learn different techniques used in worship using silks,12 foot banners, large flags, scarves, canopies, and more. The group will learn 1-2 choreographed pieces, one of which will be presented during the spring recital (please let the instructor know if you do not wish to participate in the recital).

Bezalel Registration Fee: $0

Tuition: FREE to Parents of Bezalel Students. (Contact us for pricing if you are not a parent of a Bezalel student but would like to dance with others your own age. We would love to have you join us!)
Materials Fee: $5.00 (Additional garmenting fee may apply in the spring semester)

Moms Praisercize


Teacher: Rhonda Cooper


This class will focus on cardio workouts and stretching. Using Christian music and low impact movements we will do 30 minutes of cardio, 15 minutes of stretching with cardio, and 10 minutes of cool down. I encourage moms to bring a change of clothes because the goal is to sweat!

Bezalel Registration Fee: None

Tuition: FREE to Parents of Bezalel Students. 
Materials Fee: None

BARRE from  ABOVE (A Fitness Class for Mamas!)

Teacher: Kathryn Helton


As a Mom of a 3 year old, I have quickly learned how much of motherhood is a journey of endless pouring out. The days are long and crammed full of long lists of things to do-but very little of it really has anything to do with doing something healthy and solely for yourself. That's where this class comes into play! You're already at Co-Op all day waiting for your children to get out of class-why not treat yourself to a little exercise (you-time) while you're at it! 


WHAT IS BARRE? Barre is a fusion program that blends ballet, Pilates, and strength training in its workouts. 


WHO CAN DO BARRE? This program is designed for a wide range of fitness levels, ages, and bodies! So if you have not worked out in decades or workout three days a week-there is something for everyone to feel successful and challenged.  


  • Enjoy Faith-Focused Fellowship Time with Other Mamas

  • See improvements in your posture, flexibility, overall body strength, and balance

  • You'll obtain a body awareness that you may not have had before

  • You'll transform your body and feel more confident in your fitness

Bezalel Registration Fee: $0

Tuition: $25 Per Student Per Month
Materials Fee: TBD (Supplies are needed for this class)

Bezalel School meets on Tuesdays             9:30 a .m. to 4:00 p.m. at:

Beech Grove Baptist Church
1519 Topside Rd, Louisville, TN 37777

We are not affiliated with Beech Grove Baptist Church, but we truly appreciate them letting us use their wonderful facility.

Bezalel is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization

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