In order to register for classes, please follow the steps below:

1. Read the Policies and Procedures HERE 

2. Read the Dress Code HERE

3. Read the Parental Agreement and Student Agreement and Photo Release HERE. You will have to sign a copy when you register. Registration will be held: Tuesday, November 17th and 24th (10am-2pm).

4. If you are a returning student you may register online beginning November 16th.  Registration online will close at the end of the day on November 24th. You will be emailed a password with instructions to register. Please note: If you register online you must pay all Bezalel registration fees the day you register by PayPal. You will pay Material fees on November 17th and 24th at in-person Registration.   DO NOT PAY MATERIAL FEES BY PAPAL. MATERIAL FEES MUST BE PAID TO EACH TEACHER AT in-person REGISTRATION.


All new families must register November 17th or 24th between 10 am - 2 pm. Returning families can register online, but need to show up on the 17th and 24th to pay Material Fees. 

IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO REGISTER BY NOVEMBER 24TH YOU MAY REGISTER THE FIRST DAY OF CLASSES, JANUARY 5TH, between 9am and 2pm. Classes that did not have enough students in early registration may not be available.


New families will have a short orientation on January 5th. Time TBD.


5. For the Spring Semester In-Person Registration, make sure to bring a check to cover all BEZALEL Registration Fees and Material Fees - Registration fees on Registration Days, November 17th and 24th is the early bird discount fee of $10 per class, per student, which is used to pay for rental of the facility and insurance. For example, if you are signing up for 3 classes, your Bezalel fee would be $30. Material Fees are listed under each class description. You will need a separate check for each class/ teacher with material fees. Those are paid directly to the teacher to help cover class expenses.

After November 24th all registration fees go up to $20 Per Class Per Student and you must register in-person on January 5th.

**Once you register for a class and pay for registration and material fees you have until November 24th to drop a class. If you drop a class you will not be refunded Bezalel Registration Fees or Material Fees. After November 24th you are required to pay the full tuition for the upcoming semester even if you drop a class.**  (Please understand this limit on being able to drop a class protects our teachers who have agreed to teach a class based on a particular number of students registered.) (The only instance fees are returned is if Bezalel drops a class because it does not meet the class minimum number of students.) (If you are unsure whether your child can take a class or not, please wait until January 5th to register in person on the first day of class. Please note the registration fee goes up to $20 Per Class Per Student after November 24th.**

--If you register for LIVE classes and the semester is cut short for any reason... the following classes will offer Zoom extensions for the remainder of the semester and you will be required to pay tuition for those classes... If a class does not offer a Zoom option, you will not be required to finish the class and pay tuition the rest of the semester. Please see teacher for any questions.


--Classes with Zoom Continuation if the LIVE Semester is unexpectedly cut short...

(You will be required to continue with tuition)


-- Advanced Drama

--Drama 2

--Drama 1

--Intro to Filmmaking

--3D Design

--Prop Construction

--Stage Fighting

6. Sign-up for Volunteer Duty. Each family is required to volunteer for two half day volunteer spots each semester. (You will be able sign-up on registration/orientation day.)

COVID Restrictions: As of right now Bezalel's guidelines for returning are as follows: Masks are optional. Social distancing will not be enforced. Clorox wipes will be used to sanitize door knobs and bathrooms as much as possible. Please respect the decisions of everyone in the building. If you do not feel comfortable returning with everyone making their own choices, we understand and encourage you to wait until you are comfortable with no restrictions in place before you return. Thank you for understanding.

Bezalel School meets on Tuesdays             9:30 a .m. to 4:00 p.m. at:

Beech Grove Baptist Church
1519 Topside Rd, Louisville, TN 37777

We are not affiliated with Beech Grove Baptist Church, but we truly appreciate them letting us use their wonderful facility.

Bezalel is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization

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