Registration for the 2022-23 school year is now open!

Registration will close after July 19, to give teachers time to plan.


Please register ASAP, as classes will fill up quickly.

Registration after June 5 will be assessed an additional $20 registration fee per family.  

Sign ups for in-person registration appointments are at the end of your parental agreement form.  We are now accepting appointments for Tue, May 24 and June 7.  All online registrations done after June 5 will have appointments on Tue, August 2.


When registering as a returning family, please take special note of the NEW FINANCIAL POLICIES  


Also note that you will be signing up for classes for the entire year, unless the board and teacher have made special arrangements with you ahead of your registration. 


Advancement second semester is only allowed with teacher approval and only if the advancement does not cause the student to have to drop another class in order to take the advanced class.  It is a teachable moment when a child remains in a class for the spring semester, before advancing.  It gives them the opportunity to lift the standard and be an encouragement to their peers.  It further develops in their hearts the beautiful quality of patience with people less skilled than themselves. 


We, as parents, must foster an attitude of gratitude in our children by our words and example.  Encourage your child to help pay for their classes, if they are able.  Encourage your child to give words of appreciation to their teacher each time they leave the class for the day.

If you are a new family and wanting to register for the first time, we ask that you contact us at for more information and instructions.

To register for classes, please follow the steps IN ORDER below: (A new window will open for each step. Come back to this page to continue to the next step.)

1. Read the Policies and Procedures HERE 

2. Read the Dress Code HERE

3. Read the Parental Agreement and Sign HERE; after submit, you will be shown a link to sign up for an in-person registration appointment and volunteer duties*.  Both of these are required before registering students for classes.


4. Have your students read the Student Agreement and Sign HERE

(each student over the age of 10 must sign one). 

5. Read the Photo Release and Sign HERE

6. Read the COVID-19 Liability Release and Sign HERE

7. Register each student by clicking HERE

8. Pay registration fees with PayPal. This is NOT material fees or tuition, just registration fees.  Click HERE to pay with PayPal.   Registration fees help cover the cost of building rental, insurance, supplies, etc. and are $20/student/class/year.  **

**If you are registering online, you must schedule your final registration appointment for May 17 or May 24. 


Once your registration is complete, you are responsible for paying for the entire upcoming year's tuition.

*Each family is required to volunteer for 2-3 half-day shifts per semester. Shifts are signed up for on a first-come-first-pick basis.  Parents will also be responsible to help a teacher in at least 1 class for the year.  You will sign up for that at the in-person registration.*


Bezalel's Health Guidelines:  Clorox wipes will be used to sanitize door knobs and bathrooms as often as possible. Please respect the decisions of everyone in the building. If you do not feel comfortable attending with everyone making their own choices, we understand and encourage you to join when you are comfortable. Thank you for understanding.