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Registration for the 2024-25 school year is by appointment only.

This year's revised class schedule is now available and printable!

We want to protect your family information and data more closely, so beginning this year, we will only do registration in person.  Families returning for the spring semester need only let teachers know what classes they will be joining or dropping due to schedule changes.  New families, please email us at to schedule a registration appointment for the spring semester.


For more information, you may contact us at  


First, please review our FINANCIAL POLICIES  


Also note that some classes require signing up for the entire year while other classes are on a semester by semester basis. 


Advancement is only allowed with teacher approval and only if the advancement does not cause the student to have to drop a year-long class in order to take the advanced class.  It is a teachable moment when a child remains in a class until reaching the criteria before advancing.  It gives them the opportunity to lift the standard and be an encouragement to their peers.  It further develops in their hearts the beautiful quality of patience with people less skilled than themselves. 


Encourage your child to help pay for part of their classes, if they are able.  Encourage your child to give words of appreciation to their teacher each time they leave the class for the day.

If you are a new family and wanting to register for the first time, we ask that you contact us at for more information and instructions.

To register for classes, please follow the steps below: 

1. Read the Policies and Procedures HERE 

2. Read the Dress Code HERE

3. Read and sign the Parental Agreement (at your registration appointment).


4. Each student 10+ will need to read and sign the Student Agreement at your registration appointment. 

5. Read and sign the Photo Release (at your appointment).

6. Register each student for the classes they will be taking each semester (at your appointment).  See the class schedule.

7. Pay the facility fee with check or cash (at your appointment). This is NOT material fees or tuition, which are paid directly to each teacher.  The facility fee covers the cost of renting the building, insurance we are required to maintain, and cleaning supplies for the year.  This fee is estimated to be $50/student/semester, but may go up as costs rise.

8. Each family is asked to volunteer for 4 or more (depending on family count) 4-hour shifts per semester (watching the front door and/or helping clean). Shifts are signed up for on a first-come-first-pick basis.  You will sign up for that at the in-person registration.


Bezalel's Health Guidelines:  Clorox wipes will be used to sanitize door knobs and bathrooms as often as possible. Please respect the decisions of everyone in the building. If you do not feel comfortable attending with everyone making their own choices, we understand and encourage you to join when you are comfortable. Thank you for understanding.

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