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All students and adults at Bezalel School of International Dance & Pageantry must follow the dress code listed below.



❖ Shirts and dresses must cover the abdomen (even with arms raised), back, and shoulders, and must have sleeves (cap sleeves are fine).

❖ Midriffs and cleavage must not show.

❖ Skirts, shorts and dresses must reach to the kneecap.

❖ Leggings may be worn under skirts or dresses that reach to the kneecap.

❖ Appropriate underwear should be worn, but not seen.

❖ Earrings are acceptable for female students only.  Nose studs must be clear and tiny.  Jewelry for any other body piercings must be removed or concealed.

❖ Tattoos must be covered.  Nose studs must be small, no rings.  All other piercing jewelry must be removed or concealed.

❖ No extremely form-fitting clothing (e.g., spandex outfits, bike shorts, leotards, etc.).  Leggings are only acceptable if a mid-thigh length shirt is worn over the top that covers the rear, even when bending over or raising hands in the air.

❖ No ripped or torn clothing.

❖ No unnatural hair color (e.g., green, blue, etc.).

❖ No shirts with offensive words or pictures (e.g., anti-Christian, occult-themed, etc.)

BALLET DRESS CODE: This dress code applies to students in these classes only and has been created in order to ensure the safe instruction of students in these dance styles. The instructor must be able to see the foot, ankle, knee, hip, and torso position of the students of these classes at all times in order to prevent injury. Students of the above classes must come to Bezalel wearing clothes that adhere to the General Dress Code and then change in the restroom closest to their classroom. When their class is complete, they must change back into their regular clothes in the closest restroom again before proceeding to any other classes. All other classes must conform to the General Dress Code.

❖ Shirts and dresses must cover the abdomen (even with arms raised), back, and shoulders, and must have sleeves (cap sleeves are fine).

❖ Shirts must not be baggy.

❖ Pants (either mid-calf or full length) must be close-fitting at the knee and ankle and allow for stretching.

❖ Leggings may be worn with a shirt, dress or skirt that reaches mid-thigh.

❖ Pink ballet shoes (leather or canvas) must be worn for Ballet Classes.

❖ Leotards may only be worn if covered by a shirt and shorts. 

❖ Tights may be worn under pants or shorts only.

❖ No skirts or dresses that cover the knees.

❖ Midriffs and cleavage must not show.


The director of Bezalel School reserves the right to determine what is inappropriate attire.

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