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Bezalel School Administration

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A. Jean Mabry

(President and Founder of Bezalel School)

Mrs. Jean began teaching Praise Dance to children and adults during the 1980's in her basement in Lenoir City, Tennessee. Her first dance team, Benote Tzion, was a huge part of the "March for Jesus" during the 90's. Additionally, Jean taught herself how to dye silk and created "Dancing Silks," an art form she incorporated into dance which has spread all over the world. Her students excelled in Israeli Folk Dance, Praise Dance, Silk Dyeing and Dancing Silks. In 2000 she took her first youth dance troupe (called "For Zion's Sake") to Israel where they danced in churches and kibbutzim around the land.  

In 2003 Jean created Bezalel School of International Dance & Pageantry, a non-profit School of Dance which she named in honor of Bezalel of the Bible, who created the tabernacle and its furniture.

Benote Tzion, For Zions Sake and Bezalel School continue to work together in presenting dance both in the United States and internationally. Both dance troupes have danced at the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem for many years. Jean and her husband, Jerry, have held a Bible Study connecting Christians to the Hebrew Roots of our faith since 1983. They have taken numerous tours to Israel and keep an apartment there for prayer, fellowship, and sending the sweet sounds of the harp throughout the land. Jean continues to teach praise dance and silk dyeing in the United States and abroad.


Pam Stott

(Director of Bezalel School)

Pam Stott homeschooled all 4 of her children, who are now adults. Jean Mabry, founder of Bezalel, is her mother, so her children have been involved in Bezalel from its inception.  She loves teaching kids the truths of God's Word and has taught dance, creative worship, and silk dyeing alongside her mother for over 30 years.  She has been to Israel many times and has a heart for God's special people.  She is excited to see Bezalel continue on for the next generation.

Operating Board

Bezalel board members share the weekly operation of the school.  These are volunteer parents who coordinate registration, communications, volunteer helpers, website maintenance, fundraising, and a host of other things without which Bezalel could not function.  They are a blessing to us all!  

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