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Students taking this class may display their creations on tables at the end of each semester.  Students are responsible for any frames, stands, labels, or other equipment for their display.

Bezalel Arts

(Ages 8-adult)

Teacher: Sarah Watkins

Class Scripture:  Exodus 25-31

We will be looking at the man, Bezalel, who is called by name in Exodus 31.  He was filled with the Spirit of God and given the ability and intelligence, knowledge and craftsmanship to create artistic designs to work in gold, silver and bronze, in cutting and setting stones, in woodcarving, and in working with fabrics used in building the Tabernacle.  Students will learn the tools and trades of Bezalel as they work with metal, wood, textiles, weaving, leather, clay, and stones.


This is a fall semester class.  

Tuition: FREE
Materials Fee: $150 Per Student Per Semester ($11/week)


(Ages 8-adult)

Teacher: Jillian Myers

Students will learn basic paint mixing, the importance of highlights and shadows to give their paintings dimension, different brush stroke techniques, and painting on various surfaces (2D and 3D).  Materials fee covers canvases, structures, shared paints and brushes, and cleaning supplies.  Students should wear a long, oversized old tshirt or cover up, including sleeves.  

Tuition: $100/student/semester
erials Fee: $25/student/semester


(Ages 9-adult)

Teacher: Jillian Myers

Learn how to turn a simple photo album into a work of art.  You will use your creativity and the tools and materials of scrapbooking.  This is a useful skill, as many students create one of these for their high school portfolio at graduation.

Tuition: $100/student/semester
Materials Fee: $25/student/semester

Lego Engineering

(Ages 6-adult)

Teacher: Carolyn Christiansen

Students will learn the basics in building various structures, designing for stability, proportions, weight distribution, symmetry, and creative asthetics.  One project will be building a bridge that is long, but can withstand weight.  This is a fun class.  It will not include computers or robotics, but may include competitions.


Each structure will be photographed with its creator, so students will have a remembrance of what they built, since each week the creations will have to be dismantled before the end of the day, so the bricks can be reused the following week.

Tuition: FREE
Materials Fee: FREE

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