Students taking this class may display their creations on tables at the end of each semester.  Students are responsible for any frames, stands, labels, or other equipment for their display.


(Ages 10+) younger with permission

Teacher: Ken Schaeffner

Ken will share God's love & instill Godly values through woodworking projects. This class will teach the proper usage & storage of tools. Safety will be priority number one. This class will focus on building confidence, inspiring imagination, and team building skills. We will build a wooden tool box to store our tools, as well as other projects (to be determined according to skill levels of students). Students will need to have some of their own tools (a list will be provided at the first class).  

Tuition: $200 Per Student Per Year
Materials Fee: $100 Per Student Per Year

Current families may add this class in the spring with teacher permission and only if the student doesn't drop another class in order to join this one.