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Students taking this class may display their creations on tables at the end of each semester.  Students are responsible for any frames, stands, labels, or other equipment for their display.

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Biblical Crafts

(Ages 6+, younger ages with teacher permission)

Teacher: Jillian Myers     

Students will learn the different sections/verses of the Bible in a creative way.  Each week they will work on a craft or an art project, including a specific section or verse, while learning God’s word and understanding his love for us. 

Tuition:  $50 per student/semester  

Materials Fee:  $10 per semester

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(ages 8+, younger ages by teacher permission)

Teacher: Jillian Myers

Students will learn basic paint mixing, the importance of highlights and shadows to give their paintings dimension, different brush stroke techniques, and painting on various surfaces (2D and 3D).  Materials fee covers canvases, structures, shared paints and brushes, and cleaning supplies.  Students should wear a long, oversized old tshirt or cover up, including sleeves.  

Tuition:  $100 per student/semester   
Materials Fee:  $25 per semester


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