Adra Ludwig

(Artistic Director)


Drama 2

Advanced Theatre & Film-Acting

Intro to Film-making


Adra has been teaching theatre classes for 15 years. Her teaching credits include Bezalel School, Concord Performing Arts Academy, CEEC (Christian Education Enrichment Cooperative) , and the Oak Ridge JR Playhouse, where she was the Summer camp director for 2016, 2017, and 2018. She has written over 20 plays, that have been performed in the United States, as well as internationally, and she has directed numerous other plays- including, but not limited to: ‘A Christmas Carol’, ‘Robin Hood’, and ‘The Wind in the Willows’. Adra has experience onstage as well as off, working with 'The Passion Play in the Smokies' for 7 years, and then going on to perform with 'The Word Players'. Since 2012, Adra has been working in Faith-based independent Christian films and has worn many hats including; acting, casting director, camera operator, boom and sound, make-up and wardrobe, assistant director, prop/set design assistant, etc. Adra has worked in over a dozen feature films and short films to date.


Jonathan Ludwig


Film & Stage Prop Construction

Intro to Stage & Film Combat

Combat Choreography

Jonathan Ludwig has been working in the arts for 20 years, primarily in stage and set-building, but he has also studied stage combat, fencing and dance. As a youth he participated as a party child in the Royal Moscow’s ballet ‘The Nutcracker’ while they were on tour in Lynchburg Virginia. Some of Jonathan’s building credits include being a set-carpenter, and sub-contractor in fabrications for Thomas Road Baptist Church’s ‘Virginia Christmas Spectacular’ from 2009-2016, set fabricator on the award-winning Christian film ‘Polycarp’ and production designer for the bio-film ‘Hammer: The ‘Rootin’ for Regen’ Story’, where he met his wife, Adra. In total, Jonathan has worked on four feature films, and several short films. He is also a former fabricator for Answer in Genesis's "Ark Encounter" in Kentucky. Along with many years of experience in making custom wood projects, Jonathan holds a BFA from Viterbo University in Digital Media.


Julia Dockery 



Sewing 1, 2, 3 & Mom's Sewing

Julia Dockery has been sewing and designing since she was 8 years old when her mother was her first teacher. She later attended the University of Missouri to study fashion and design and studied the subjects in New York City and Europe before working in the apparel manufacturing industry. The Dockerys are a retired military family who spent 15 years in the Washington, D.C. where Julia taught sewing to 4-Hers. She has been homeschooling for 17 years and reached the end of that journey when the last of her three children graduated in 2021. Since 2017, they have loved being part of the Bezalel family who loves Israel and using their artistic gifts to serve the Lord.


Melanie Kidder


Foundations in Drawing

Advanced Drawing

Melanie Kidder has been drawing as long as she can remember. She grew up in a creative Christian family which encouraged her artistic development as well as her walk with Christ. She got her BFA from the University of Tennessee in Graphic Design and Illustration but decided afterwards that she was more of a messy fine artist. She went back for a Masters at UT in Art Education and has taught drawing and art at several co-ops. She and her husband, Jim, have been married 29 years, and they have four children: Marcus, Madeline, Daniel and Daphne. She and some of her children have been at Bezalel for five years and love the atmosphere of worship and love for the Lord Jesus. In fact, after participating in Canvas Art and Silk Painting classes herself, she decided to be a witness in the larger art community and shows a couple of pieces a year in shows downtown, seeking to portray biblical themes.


Clair Isenhower 


Drama 1

Mom's Dance

Clair Isenhower has attended Bezalel since kindergarten, and since graduation, she has stepped into the exciting role of teacher.  Clair has extensive experience onstage and backstage. She has filled many roles in plays at Bezalel, both in acting and dance, and enjoys behind the scenes work in the theater, and film world. She has also worked on several short films. Clair loves to act and work for the Lord, and has a passion to teach the younger generation what she has learned. She hopes to instill the confidence she feels she was given while under the discipleship at Bezalel.


Jessie Jordan

(Fundraising Coordinator)


Bezalel Newspaper

Biblical Holidays Crafts

Little House Primer

Jessie is a wife and mother of 5, two of those being homeschool graudates. She enjoys hobby farming, crafting, and hiking in the Smoky Mountains. Jessie loves to "plant seeds" for Jesus by working alongside children and helping them to see where their mission is. ​


Jill Stone


Painting 101 

Painting 201

Painter of Heavenly Skies l
Fine Art Murals I Domes I
Marble Columns I Decorative Painting

Jill is a very proud mother of three children, grateful and inspired by Jesus and seeks truth as she continuously grows a loving relationship with her father. She has been blessed with eighteen years of professional, full time Decorative Artistry as an entrepreneur painting and designing murals and decorative wall finishes in interior homes and commercial buildings. Jill Stone Studios was awarded the 2018 and 2020 Best of the Best Award in her industry. Achieving many professional and academic awards, achievements, and milestones during eight years in human resource management for top Fortune 50 companies and for the government as the Director of Quality, for Dept. of Energy, Technical Information Managements Services. Jill academically holds a Degree in Organizational Management, minor in Psychology, Specialization of Marketing, many Certificates in Employment Law, Welding, Decorative Painting and Drafting.

Jill is passionate about her purpose in teaching children and adults what she has learned and been blessed.


Rachel Cascarelli


Prelude & Allegro Choirs

Style & Substance 

Creative Writing

Rachel Cascarelli is a veteran educator with over two decades of experience in the classroom. She especially has a heart for preschoolers and teens (it is amazing how similar those two groups are).  She is passionate about beauty, music, storytelling, God's truth, and making those things come alive in the hearts of her students.  Rachel is a former Director of Children's Ministry and Montessori trained.  She has led numerous students into the joys of music and the excitement of beginning performance.


Pam Stott


Little Praisers

Pam is a homeschool veteran of 22 years, graduating 4 children. She has been teaching Hebrew dance since 1990 in various Homeschool Co-ops around the Knoxville area. Pam has taught Little Praisers, Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced, Creative Worship, ,& Silk Dyeing. She has been a part of Bezalel since its inception. Pam is very excited to continue teaching Little Praisers. It is her heart to train the next generation to worship the Lord as David did, through the dance.


Debbie Orta


Creative Worship Flags 1 & 2

Biblical Feasts for Moms

Debbie Orta is a former homeschooling mother of three and recent “grand-Mimi” of one. She and her husband, Eric, have been married for 32 years and homeschooled their 3 children from preschool through high school. They moved to East Tennessee from Pembroke Pines, Florida in 2008 and have called the Smoky Mountains home ever since.
The Ortas have been part of the Bezalel family since fall of 2008. In 2009 Debbie began teaching Creative Worship, starting with just one class and quickly expanding to 2 classes, Beginners & Advanced. She has been teaching the Vocal Coaching class for 3 years and in the past has taught "God's Girls", a purity/inward beauty class for girls 8-12 years old. Eric sounds the Shofar every year at Bezalel’s end-of-the-year recital, and son, Gianni has worked with the sound crew for the past few years. Their 2 daughters, Christina and Diamond have also participated with Bezalel’s Creative Worship, Ballet and Hebrew dance classes.
Debbie has over 22 years of experience in ministry including nursery, children’s ministry, praise cheerleader squad, teen/youth group, praise dance team, ladies’ prayer team, expectant mothers’ prayer group, outreach ministry, theater ministry, clown ministry, choir, praise & worship leader and director of music ministry. She and her husband currently pastor a small congregation in Maryville where they teach the whole Bible from the Hebraic perspective and also lead a Torah Study every other week in their home. (The Tuesday morning Moms’ Torah Study at Bezalel is an extension of this.) Being a big supporter of Israel, Debbie thoroughly enjoys being a part of Bezalel and hopes to continue "passing the torch" on to the next generation.



Mila Glushchenko


Russian Language

Woodworkers Craft Club

Mila and her family moved to America from Ukraine in 2007.  She and her husband have been married for almost 19 years and have two children, Yevdokiya (which means "Good will of God"), and Nazar ("Dedicated to God"). They resided in both North and South Carolina before moving to Tennessee. They have chosen to homeschool their children and love the journey. Mila's husband was a pastor in Ukraine and God has blessed him with the opportunity of preaching in a Russian-speaking church here as well where Mila teaches Russian language for children. The Glushchenkos are happy to be a part of the Bezalel family and love to see its members pouring into each other.


Abby Dill


Hebrew & International Dance - Jr. Praiser's, Beginner, & Intermediate, Advanced, & Interpretive Dance

Abby joined Bezalel in 2014.  She knew she wanted to teach kids to worship through dance since she was 8 years old.  Abby has trained in Israeli Folk Dance, Ballet, Pointe, Interpretive, Jazz, Tap, and Scottish Highland Dance.  Her heart is to teach kids how to use dance to worship and glorify our Father, also creating a safe space for them to try something new.  She hopes each class will become a close knit family and dance in unity.


Shea Whaley


Digital Photography- Basic Techniques

I am a wife to an amazing hard working husband, a mom of 4 kids, and a former public school teacher.  I am a devoted follower of Jesus Christ. I fell in love with photography many years ago and was given the opportunity  to teach beginner photography at a local co-op  several years ago. It is so much fun teaching others how to capture bits of God’s creation behind a camera lens.  I love teaching and have been homeschooling for 10 years.  


Shaynie Gray


ASL (American Sign Language)

Shaynie attended Maryville College and received her Bachelor’s Degree in ASL/English Interpreting and Deaf Studies in 2013. She moved to Knoxville, Tennessee in 2009 from Florida, and is originally from Niagara Falls, New York. She has a seven-year-old son, Noah, whom she homeschools. They have a pet gecko named Echo and two fish, Jittle and Big Red. Shaynie loves to play the piano, sing, and read. This is her first year at Bezalel. She is looking forward to being a part of the Bezalel family!


Karen Chandler


Biblical Holidays

Karen has taught over 20 years, mostly in Christian schools. She has some homeschooling experience as well. She traveled to Israel with Bezalel in 2017, the same year she taught Spanish for the school. She has a love for the Word, languages, and worship. She spent over 20 years on worship teams in California, Guam, Hawaii and Tennessee. She began to learn about the Hebrew Roots of our faith in the 70s, and her desire to learn more about Hebrew Roots has kicked into high gear in the last 3 years. Her heart is to tell the next generation of our Abba’s faithfulness to perform His Word, and to equip kids to follow Yeshua, our Messiah.


Sarah Watkins


HaYesod - Bible Study for Moms

Sarah Watkins is a homeschool mom of two. Since joining Bezalel, she has wanted to start learning Biblical Hebrew. What better way than to learn together with friends !


Carolyn Christiansen


Cultural Geography

Carolyn has homeschooled all 6 of her grown children.  She began teaching geography when Bezalel was created, so students would be prepared to go to other countries and share God's love.  As a mother, she led both of her daughters through Bezalel's purity classes, training them to view the Bible as God's message to them personally.  She loves to hike, cook, paint, pray, and enjoy music and dance that fosters worship.  Here she is, stomping grapes - she is always ready to try something new!


Yevdokiya Glushchenko


Kids in Motion

Yevdokiya has been a student here at Bezalel for 4 years.  She was born in Ukraine and can speak Russian fluently, although she considers herself an American since her parents moved to the United States when she was two.  Their family settled in Tennessee and they are so grateful for their community - especially Bezalel. Yev is passionate about any kind of physical fitness! Her P. E. class in elementary school transitioned to basketball and dance in middle school, volleyball and martial arts in high school. Her love of sports, the influence of her parents and amazing, godly teachers at Bezalel have inspired her to share what God has taught her in a new class - Kids in Motion.    


Cheri Hall


Public Speaking

Companions in Contemplation:  A Bezalel Book Club

Cheri didn't grow up in the South, but got here as quick as she could - where, while in college, she first met Jesus, and then, her wonderful husband, Chip. Since then, the Lord has graciously granted Chip and Cheri 30 years of happy marriage and the blessing of 2 sons, who have always been homeschooled.  As a teacher, Cheri has worked in Christian and public schools and with homeschool students for many years. Chip and Cheri have served together in full-time and in volunteer ministries, with every age group from infants to adults. Cheri loves Jesus, who rescued and redeemed her, and is so very grateful for His free gift of eternal life through His sacrifice on the cross. Cheri enjoys seeking out truth, beauty, and goodness through reading, appreciating art and music, and exploring the wonders of God and His creation. One of her most favorite places to be is with her family, alongside a mountain stream, with a book in hand.

New Flowers


We encourage all students to say "thank you" to each teacher before leaving the classroom each week.  We are constantly reminded of the extra work our teachers put into preparing lessons at home, as well as teaching on Tuesdays.  

Throughout the year, make a habit of giving back to them in small ways - a note, a flower, chocolate, coffee, a drawing, a candle, a smile.  Little things that say "I appreciate you" can be a blessing to both the giver and the receiver.

"Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit, singing to God with gratitude in your hearts." Colossians 3:16