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Languages are a huge part of connecting to the world around us. Like dance, words can break down barriers. We have offered classes in Latin, Hebrew, American Sign Language (ASL), and Spanish. These classes are based on student demand. Contact us and let us know if you are interested in investing in a priceless look into another culture.


ASL (American Sign Language)  

(All ages)

Teacher: Shaynie Palisano

In our American Sign Language class, students will learn to talk… with their hands! We will cover basic ASL with a focus on vocabulary, fingerspelling, short phrases, and simple sentences. We will also cover Deaf culture and how to interact with someone in the Deaf community. At the end of the school year, we will perform a song together in ASL at the Bezalel Spring Presentation. This class will provide a solid foundation for future ASL classes students (or parents!) may take.
We are currently using a website called ASLDeafined to go along with our in-class lessons. The fee for this site is $12 per year. It is not required to subscribe to the website, but doing so will enhance student learning and reinforce skills learned in class.


Tuition:  $25 per student/semester  


(Ages 6-adult)

Teacher: Jean Mabry

We will introduce the Hebrew aleph-bet letters, sounds, and some vocabulary.

This class will move quickly.  Only sign up if you are serious about learning Hebrew and are able to do all the workbook drills and practices.  Each week, students will participate and read in class, so they will need to be ready.

Tuition: TBA

Material Fee (workbook): $30/student


Spanish 2    

(Ages 8+)*

Teacher: Debra Orta

This class is designed to develop listening, speaking, and reading skills in Spanish.  It is intended for students who have completed one year of Spanish.  You will learn how to greet people, describe family and friends, and communicate about basic topics.  


*Teacher approval only

Tuition:  $25 per student/semester     
Materials Fee:  $25 per semester

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