Languages are a huge part of connecting to the world around us. Like dance, words can break down barriers. We have offered classes in Latin, Hebrew, and Spanish. These classes are based on student demand. Contact us and let us know if you are interested in investing in a priceless look into another culture.

Bezalel Newspaper


(Ages 9+)

Teacher: Jessie Jordan

Mission:  To bring our Bezalel family into unity by highlighting teachers and students' favorite classes and what they love about class.  We will share more details about future events, write articles about chapel, and share more of the history of Bezalel and its mission.  "Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!" Psalm 133:1

Class will collectively create a newspaper, as they study how a newspaper is made, aspects of a newspaper, how to interview and come up with important & relevant questions, how to write interesting articles, and how to put it all together in newspaper format.  Students will be required to spend some time outside of class on interviewing, mostly during the time they are at Bezalel, but may also include emailing or phone calling.  Students will need to commit to 30-60 minutes a week outside of class to write articles and submit to the teacher electronically.  Photography will be included.  Students may bring their own cameras if they wish, but must bring writing utensils, folder, and clipboard.  A recording device will be helpful but the teacher has a class device for all to use.  

Any newspaper students available and that wish to have an additional work hour on the newspaper can meet during the 10-11am hour in the library and around campus. No additional charge.

Tuition: $160 Per Student Per Year (Siblings $120 Per Student Per Year)

Material Fee: $20 Per Student Per Year

ASL (American Sign Language)

Two classes - (Ages 13+) and (Ages 10-12)

Teacher: Shaynie Gray

Mission:  "Let us lift our hearts and hands to God in heaven." Lamentations 3:41


ASL is now an approved foreign language course for high school credit at most umbrella schools.  This is a beginners or year 1 course.  ASL is valuable in retail, hospitality, and public service jobs.  It also opens doors for ministry all around the world!


In our American Sign Language class, students will learn to talk… with their hands! We will cover basic ASL with a focus on vocabulary, fingerspelling, short phrases, and simple sentences. We will also cover Deaf culture and how to interact with someone in the Deaf community.  Elementary students will get a head start, making their high school credit much easier and more intuitive.


In the older class, homework will be assigned weekly to help students retain what they learn in class and expand their knowledge of the language. This will consist of some written work, along with video recordings of the student signing. We will use Google Classroom for communication and assignments.

Tuition: $200 Per Student Per Year

Material Fee: $15 Per Student Per Year