These classes are designed for students who would like to learn the use of flags in Praise and Worship. Students learn the significance of different flag colors and movements involved in worship and spiritual warfare. Click this link to see an example of this art form. This class is one of our most popular Bezalel classes for boys and girls!

Creative Worship Flags 1--All beginners regardless of age

(This class cannot be added in the spring semester.)

Teacher: Debbie Orta

Bezalel Fee: $20 Per Student Per Semester 

Tuition: $15 Per Student Per Month

Materials Fee: $30 Per Student One-Time Fee* (Unless new flags are needed)


Creative Worship Flags 2--Advanced (Creative Worship Level 1 is a Prerequisite)

(This class cannot be added in the spring semester.)

Bezalel Fee: $20 Per Student Per Semester 

Tuition: $15 Per Student Per Month

Materials Fee: None *(Unless New Flags Are Needed)

Vocal Coaching 

(Ages 12+,  Audition Required)

Teacher: Debbie Orta

A vocal coach is a music teacher who instructs singers on how to improve their singing technique, care for and develop their voice, and prepare for the performance of a song or other work. THIS CLASS IS NOT A CHOIR CLASS; it is for students with vocal potential and have an interest in further developing their voice for performance purposes. Students will be expected to participate, whether with the group or as a solo, in the end of year recital and/or in an outreach setting. A vocal assessment is required before any student is approved for this class.

Note: An audition is required before approval to join this class can be given. This class is geared toward students with strong vocal potential and is not a choir class open for anyone to join. Thank you for understanding this prior to your audition!

++These classes do not accept new students in the spring semester. Please talk with the teacher if you have any questions.

Bezalel Registration Fee: $20 Per Student Per Semester
Class Fee: $15 Per Student Per Month
Materials Fee: $10 Per Student Per School Year

Worship Dance & Choreography

(Ages 10+)

Teacher: Kathryn Helton

This class will help develop:

  • Freedom of movement in a worship setting (church worship service, etc)

  • Increase of knowledge and freedom in how to create worship-centered choreography

  • How to flow in group spontaneous worship

  • Facial Expression 

  • Truly grasping that whenever we dance before others-it is not about us. That no matter how many hours one has practiced, or how beautiful a costume garment is-what's inside our minds and hearts when we worship is what matters the most to God. If the goal of ministering in worship dance is to genuinely share the message of Christ, we must first begin working on the condition of our minds & hearts before we dance a single step. 

Bezalel Registration Fee: $20 Per Student Per Semester
Class Fee: $25 Per Student Per Month
Materials Fee: $25 Per Student Per Semester

Bezalel School meets on Tuesdays             9:30 a .m. to 4:00 p.m. at:

Beech Grove Baptist Church
1519 Topside Rd, Louisville, TN 37777

We are not affiliated with Beech Grove Baptist Church, but we truly appreciate them letting us use their wonderful facility.

Bezalel is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization

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