Bezalel School
Policies & Procedures


Bezalel School exists in order to teach students to use the gifts God has given them to honor and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. In order to operate effectively and ensure each student is given the best opportunity to learn and grow in a safe and structured environment, certain policies and procedures are in place to maintain the smooth operation of our co-op.

​Parent & Student Policies 

  • Please be respectful of teachers, co-op leadership, church staff, and all others you interact with.

  • Please arrive on time for class.

  • Cell phones must remain off or on vibrate during class times and are not to be used while class is in session.  

  • Students must complete all homework requirements neatly and promptly.

  • Adults and students alike must abide by the dress code (please see the separate dress code document for a description).

  • Always clean up after yourself. Please place all trash in proper trash receptacles. Help re-set tables, chairs, etc., as needed to return the room to the way it was at the beginning of the day.

  • Tobacco products are not allowed. The campus is a non-smoking facility (this includes vaping).

  • Parents are welcome to occasionally sit in on their children’s classes in order to observe their progress, but we ask that you be quiet and not distracting if you choose to do so. Please do not talk to other parents or address the students while observing a class. As a courtesy, please tell the teacher of your intent to stay.

  • Students wishing to observe a class they are not enrolled in must have both parental and teacher permission to do so.

  • If it is necessary to discuss something with a teacher at length please schedule a time during the day when they are not teaching to speak with them, or contact them at a more appropriate time.

  • All Bezalel families and any student age 13+ are required to attend the Orientation Meeting in August. New families and students joining us for the Spring Semester are required to attend the Orientation Meeting (for new families only) scheduled for the first Tuesday of that semester.

  • Bezalel School is not a drop-off co-op. Parents are required to remain on site with their children at all times or give responsibility of their children in writing to another adult who is on site (sign-out sheets will be provided).

  • If a student is not in class he/she must be with their parent or another responsible adult who has been given authority over them. This means they must be within the sight of the adult responsible at all times when not in class.

  • If a parent is in a class of their own they must ensure their children are being supervised by another responsible adult during that time or bring their children into class with them (with teacher permission only). If children are allowed into their parent’s classroom they must remain quiet and not disrupt the class during the class time.

  • Students ages 6 and younger must be escorted to and from their classroom by a parent or other responsible adult. Please pick up your child promptly when class ends.

  • Students should not wander around the church, church property, or hang out in the hallways or vacant rooms. If a student is not in class, they must be with a parent or another adult who is responsible for them.

  • No running or rough play is allowed in the building.

  • Please ask the director’s permission before selling items or fundraising on campus.

  • Please speak with the director or administrator if you wish to organize an official Bezalel School event (e.g., field trip, Bible study, etc.). Events must be approved by the leadership of Bezalel and at least one administrative leader must be present for it to be a Bezalel-sponsored activity.

  • If you wish to personally distribute invitations or flyers for an activity you, your church, or another organization is holding, please feel free to do so. However, if you wish to leave invitations or flyers for outside events on Bezalel’s bulletin board or table, please ask permission from the director or administrator first.

  • Families are allowed to eat their lunches in the Youth Room (located on the second floor), on the playground, or in your cars only. No food or drink (except bottled water) is allowed anywhere else in the building at any time unless you are a mom doing front door duty.

  • Private tutoring, free or otherwise, must be approved by the director. If tutoring is being paid for, a registration fee will be due to Bezalel School. If tutoring is free, no registration is due to Bezalel. Only students currently enrolled in regular classes at Bezalel may receive tutoring on site.

  • The lunch break is between 12:30-1:00 pm. Each family is responsible to help set up and break down the tables and chairs in the Youth Room and clean up after themselves in order to allow the next class held there to begin on time. Please do not loiter in the Youth Room once the lunch time has ended.

  • A 5-minute transition time is scheduled between each class.

  • All families should exit the church building no later than 4:45 pm in order to allow the church staff to lock up. However, you are welcome to visit with others outside the church after that time if you wish.


Security Policies

In order to secure the premises during our school hours and ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time, we ask that you please abide by the security policies listed below. 

  • All adults and students ages 10 and older are required to wear an identification badge on a lanyard provided by the school in order to enter the premises. This ensures that we know who you are and that you are allowed entry at Bezalel. These badges will be made for the “primary adult” listed on the registration, as well as any other adult listed as “other adult with primary responsibility,” and any teenage children. Badges will be available for pick-up on either orientation day or the first day of class, depending on when you registered.

  • Guests of Bezalel families (grandparents, friends, etc.) aged 10 and up must be signed in and will receive a guest identification badge, which they must wear during the entirety of their visit. Please remember to return the guest I.D. badge(s) before they leave. Please be available to meet your guests at the entrance if they are not arriving with you so we know who they are--unidentified guests cannot be admitted to the premises.

  • If you forget to bring your ID badge you will be asked to sign-in and wear a guest ID badge for the day after your identity has been established using registration information and driver’s license, if necessary. Please remember to turn in your ID badge before you leave.

  • If an ID badge is lost, a $5 replacement fee per badge will be applied.

  • All exterior doors are to remain locked during school hours. Please do not prop ANY exterior doors open at any time.

  • Door monitors will be stationed at our main entrance during school hours to ensure only those with Bezalel ID badges are allowed entry. The door monitor will also help sign-in guests.

  • Only door monitors and teachers may open a locked exterior door for someone. Students are NOT ALLOWED to open the doors for anyone at anytime.

  • Students with classes in the “Annex” building must use the doorbell provided to gain access back into the main building upstairs. A teacher will open the locked door for them. However, in order to keep from interrupting others’ classes before the class change time, we ask that students of classes in the Annex please ensure they have all their class necessities and use the restroom (if needed) before exiting the main building.

  • Parents leaving their children in the care of another adult must sign out and indicate which adult they are placing their children in the care of.


​Discipline Procedures 

The leadership of Bezalel School will take appropriate actions when violations of our Policies and Procedures, Dress Code, or Parental Agreement have occurred. These actions may include, but are not limited to: a warning from the teacher or another leader, calling parents, a meeting with the leadership team, dismissal from class for the day, or dismissal from Bezalel School without refund or compensation.


​Dress Code 

Please see our separate Dress Code document. Bezalel School’s dress code is strictly enforced.​
​ CLICK HERE to visit page and view Dress Code.

​Church Facilities Policies 

  • Please use the first level (basement) doors to enter and exit on Bezalel Class days. Do not use the second level doors except to access the Annex Building. Do not prop any locked exterior doors open as this poses a safety concern.

  • No one is allowed on the third floor of the church at any time.

  • Only parents with strollers or handicapped persons are allowed to use the elevator.

  • Parents are allowed to use vacant Sunday School or Nursery Rooms on the first or second floor level to homeschool their children, but parents must stay in the room with their children while they do their work. This applies to teenagers as well.

  • No students should be in any of the Sunday School or Nursery rooms without their parents.

  • Please leave each room as clean as you found it or better.

  • Students ages 14 or younger are allowed to use the playground, but must have adult supervision.  No climbing on the playground structure or  fence is allowed.

  • While young children are allowed to play with toys in the nursery, please do not use any art supplies or other items you may see in the Sunday School Rooms or Nurseries.

  • The church library is open for families of Bezalel School to use and enjoy!


Financial Policies 

  • While at Bezalel you will pay three (3) fees for each class you or your child takes. These fees are non-refundable:     

    • 1) Bezalel Registration Fee (due once per semester)

    • 2) Materials Fee (due once per semester)

    • 3) Tuition Fee (due monthly)​

  • A once-per-year Recital Fee may also be applied. This fee is per family (not per child). This fee will be between $30 and $50, only applies to families with students in the performance, and is non-refundable. This fee is normally due in the spring semester.

  • The Registration and Materials Fees are due once per semester, while tuition fees are due monthly.

  • The Recital Fee is due once per school year.

  • Bezalel Registration Fees are $20* per class, per student, per semester, and must be paid upon registration. Checks for Bezalel Registration Fees should be made out to Bezalel School. (*A discount of 50% on this fee is offered for early bird registration; see the Registration Page on our website for the deadline date.)

  • Bezalel Registration Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE and are due upon registration to reserve your spot in class.

  • Materials fees must be paid upon registration. These checks are made out to each teacher individually, but are turned in to the director / administrator. Do not give checks directly to the teachers.  Materials fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

    • PLEASE NOTE: Some teachers combine their tuition and materials fees and do not require a separate payment for both. Please see the Tuition Page on our website for more information.

  • Tuition fees are due the first Tuesday of each month. Checks should be made out to individual teachers and paid in the Tuition Room. Do not give money directly to teachers. NO REFUNDS will be offered for classes a student misses for any reason.

  • Please place all registration, tuition and materials fees checks in the proper envelopes located on the tables in a designated tuition room and record your payment on the front of the envelope. Each envelope will be clearly labeled with teachers’ names and tuition information. 

  • If you choose to pay in cash please place it in a small envelope and clearly write the student’s name and amount of cash on the front. We do not have the ability to make change for cash, so please use exact change.

  • Any payments received after the first Tuesday of the month will be charged a $5 late fee per student, per class, per week.*  (*There is a one week grace period per family per semester. If payment is missed on the first Tuesday of the month for any reason (illness, forgotten checkbook, etc.), the family has until the end of the Bezalel Class Day the following week to pay the tuition.  If it is not paid at that point the late fees will be assessed. Until those late fees are paid, the students cannot participate in class.)

  • If checks are returned, they must be repaid in cash along with any charged bank fees. Families with returned checks may be required to pay in cash in the future.

  • After a student has been enrolled in a class and the drop deadline has passed, tuition will be due for the remainder of the semester if you choose to drop the class.

  • Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds for tuition on class days canceled due to weather, illness, or any other circumstances beyond our control.

  • While teachers at Bezalel School are required to make every effort to find substitutes for their classes when they are unavailable to teach, each teacher is given one “sick day” per semester in which they are not required to reimburse their students for a missed class day due to illness or circumstances beyond their control when a substitute teacher is unavailable.


Family Volunteer Service Requirements

Class Days

  • Each family is required to volunteer for a half-day shift twice per semester (possibly three shifts) (depending on number of families enrolled) for either morning set-up and assistance, afternoon cleaning and tear-down, or door monitor. Job descriptions for each shift will be written out in the Job Description Folder located in the Bezalel cabinet stored at the church.

  • The Morning Shift Family Volunteers are required to sign-in by 9:15am and must remain on site until 1:00pm.

  • The Afternoon Shift Family Volunteers are required to sign-in by 1:00pm and must remain on site until 4:30pm.


(Applies to Parents of Students in Performing Arts Classes Only)
At least one parent from each family will be required to volunteer during our rehearsals and recital (the number of times you will be required to volunteer is dependent on the number of families participating in recital). Each shift will be a minimum of two hours.


​Volunteer Shift Rules & Options

  • If a family would prefer to pay another family to cover their shift(s) for regular class days or rehearsal/recital, they may do so at a rate of $35 per shift. A list of families willing to take on extra shifts will be provided. This must be arranged between the two families and payment to the family covering for you must be expeditious. You must also make the Volunteer Coordinator aware that you are paying someone to take over your shift(s). If you are unable to find another family willing to take your shift, you must complete it yourself.

  • If a family fails to complete their assigned shift by either, 1) not showing up, or 2) arriving late or leaving early from their shift, a penalty charge of $50 will be applied in order to pay someone to cover or complete their shift at the last minute. Payment of the charge will be required before the family’s students will be allowed to return to class the following semester.

  • If you are suddenly unable to perform your volunteer duties the week you have signed up for, it is your responsibility to either pay a substitute or exchange shifts with another family. Please make our Volunteer Coordinator aware of any changes you have made.

  • We understand that occasionally events occur in our lives that are beyond our control and prevent us from fulfilling our obligations. Bezalel School will always be understanding of any truly extenuating circumstances that may occur.


Sickness Policy 

Please do not bring your child to class if they have had any of these symptoms in the last 24 hours:

  • Colored nasal discharge

  • Productive cough

  • Fever

  • Diarrhea

  • Vomiting

  • Rash (Unless diagnosed by a doctor as non-contagious)

  • If someone has been diagnosed with Covid19 and they inform the school that individuals in the school have been exposed to the virus-per instruction of a medical professional-the school will notify the participating families at Bezalel. 


​Weather Policies 

  • Bezalel School follows Knox County Schools for all weather-related closures. If Knox County Schools operate on a weather delay, Bezalel classes will begin at their normal time. Bezalel School does not follow Knox County Schools for any other closures.

  • If classes must be canceled due to inclement weather it is not possible to make up for the missed classes and, unfortunately, refunds for the missed class(es) cannot be offered. ​

​Rehearsal and Recital Policies 

  • Bezalel School’s year-end performance is usually held in late April or early May.

  • Students enrolled in dance, drama, or other performing-arts classes are not required to perform in the Spring Recital, although participation is encouraged as it is an important part of the student’s performing arts education. Please inform your teacher if you have chosen not to participate no later than the first week of October. Notification at any later date poses a problem as dances or the script itself may need to be modified or re-written.

  • The rehearsal and recital schedule is posted on our Calendar Page on the website as soon as it is available.

  • All rehearsals are mandatory. Please do not ask to be the exception to the rule.

  • There are multiple rehearsals for the spring performance, each lasting approximately 4-5 hours*. Please see our calendar page for information on times and locations. (*Students participating in the “Little Praisers” or “Pre-Ballet” class are only required to attend one rehearsal.)

  • Students who do not attend rehearsals will not be allowed to participate in the performance (exceptions can only be made for extenuating circumstances).

  • Students must remain for the duration of rehearsals unless given express permission to arrive late or leave early from their teacher and school director. This exception will only apply to our dance/Creative Worship rehearsal.

  • Unless stated otherwise, all costumes, props, etc., remain the property of Bezalel School.

  • Parent volunteers will be chaperoning students throughout the rehearsals. This means that parents who are not currently volunteering may drop off their children participating in the performance (only children who are in the performance may be dropped off).

  • We understand that parents performing their required volunteer chaperone shift(s) at rehearsals may need to bring along their children who are not in the performance. However, if possible, we do encourage you to leave non-performing children with a babysitter.

  • Please do not use rehearsal time to have discussions with the teachers or director. Rehearsals require large amounts of concentration and energy from the instructors and they need to use that time to focus on the tasks at hand. If you need to discuss something, please schedule the conversation for a more appropriate time.

  • Students should sit quietly during the rehearsals and remain where their teachers have asked them to stay.

  • Students are not allowed to roam through the building or run, talk, or play loudly during rehearsals.

  • Students will receive a rehearsal/recital package with detailed information on rehearsal requirements such as hair and makeup, needed accessories, etc., approximately three weeks prior to the beginning of rehearsals. Parents and students must read the instructions thoroughly.