Woman doing Self Defense


Self Defense

(Ages 10+)

This is a mixed class (boys and girls). Please dress appropriately.

Teacher: Xandria Cross

Want to gain confidence and learn techniques that could save your life? This self defense class delves into everything you need to know to feel safe and ready should you ever face an attacker. The class will start from the very beginning and learn the foundations that are the building blocks for self defense. Topics covered are: how to escape grabs, chokes, attacks from behind or backed against a wall, knife defense, ground defense, as well as defending attacks such as punches and kicks. We will build strength and technique with the goal that each counter move can be solid and able to prevail in a real attack.

By the end of the semester we will combine the new techniques learned in a demonstration to showcase the skills each student has learned.

Teacher Xandria Stavros, 2nd degree Black Belt, is passionate about equipping people to protect themselves while gaining confidence and strength. She has taught Self Defense classes for several years and has taught countless children and adults alike.

Bezalel Registration Fee: $20 Per Student Per Semester

Tuition: $25 Per Student Per Month
Materials Fee: $25