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All garments are made from Silk Essence fabric. It is 100% polyester, so it is machine-washable and, if taken from the dryer and hung up right away, doesn't need to be ironed! It feels and flows like silk and comes in a variety of colors: red, lemon-yellow, gold-yellow, orange, sage-green, kelly-green, light blue, royal blue, purple, wine, pastel pink, antique gold, white and ivory. Other colors may be available, upon request.

Double-circle skirt - contains 10 yards of fabric! $55.00
Dance Pants $22.00
Pleated Butterfly Praise Blouse $30.00
Split Neck Praise Shirt $30.00
Double Circle Praise Dress 43-52 in. $85.00
Double Circle Praise Dress(size 18 and up, or 53 in. from collar bone to hem) $95.00
Shulamite Head Covering with padded ring $20.00
Reversible Lame' Vest $35.00
Reversible Belt $15.00
King David Overlay $35.00
China Silk Fire or Water overlays $35.00
China Silk Fire or Water Shulamites $20.00
Rayon, Chiffon, Lame, Silk Essence (etc.) overlays $25.00
Queen Esther or Miriam overlays $25.00


Silk Essence Dancing Silks - 12 ft. (durable 100% polyester - comes in all the same colors as the garments) $25.00
Silk Essence Dancing Silks - 15 ft. (durable 100% polyester - comes in all the same colors as the garments) $30.00
China Silk Dancing Silks with handpainted Tabernacle furniture - 15ft. $165.00
China Silk Fire, Blue and White Star of David, White with gold Star of David or Water Flags $35.00
Satin Silk Natural White Flag w/ gold trim $45.00
China Silk Fire flag w/casing ring - pole not included - 9 ft $75.00
China Silk Fire , Water or Rainbow Dancing Silks - 12 ft. $80.00
China Silk Fire, Water or Rainbow Dancing Silks - 15 ft. $100.00
China Silk Flames of Fire on rods 40.00
China Silk - Water Waves on rods $40.00


These garments are the same fabric as the adult versions.

Little Praiser, sizes 1-5 (Skirt length up to 22 inches) Little Praisers sizes 6-10 (Skirt length up to 29 inches)
Double Circle Skirt $23.00 Double Circle Skirt $30.00
Lambkin Praise Blouse $15.00 Lambkin Praise Blouse $18.00
Dance Pants $12.00 Dance Pants $15.00
Double Circle Praise Dress (up to 32") $50.00 Double Circle Praise Dress (33- 42") $65.00

Mail orders to the address below. 50% deposit required for all items, balance due upon delivery. Shipping will be added to the final bill. Please include information below:


Regular Dress Size:

Skirt length:

Waist in inches:

Pants length:

Arm length (wrist to spine):

Shoulder width:


Long, short or regular waist:


For skirt and pants, please measure from waist to desired length.

For Praise dress, please measure from your neck (to where the collar bone comes together - sternal notch) to desired length at ankle

Please contact Jean directly at with product inquiries.

Send order to:

Mrs. Jean Mabry

3603 Pineview Rd.

Maryville, TN 37803