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All garments are made from 10 yards of Silk Essence fabric. It is 100% polyester, so it is machine-washable and, if taken from the dryer and hung up right away, doesn't need to be ironed! It feels and flows like silk and comes in a variety of colors: red, lemon-yellow, gold-yellow, orange, sage-green, kelly-green, light blue, royal blue, purple, wine, pastel pink, antique gold, white and ivory.

Each dress has a tailored bodice that is made according to your measurements to fit with freedom of movement. Our dress has even been used as a modest wedding dress and can be made to any length desired.

The sleeves are long with an elastic wrist that can be pushed up for a shorter sleeve when required. The neckline is simple, to make it possible to wear a variety of undergarments and overlays.

The double circle skirt is 8 yards of fabric, making movements look graceful and giving the choreographer the ability to create interpretations without additional garmenting (such as using the skirt to cover the face, making angel wings or sweeping movements like a flamenco dancer), all with perfect modesty. The dance pants worn underneath have a wide elastic waistband for comfort and elastic ankles that will not ride up when kicking or twirling. They are not form-fitting, so are modest for both men and women.

Men's garments consist of a shirt, pants and either a vest or King David overlay (each made to order based on measurements).

For young girls, you may choose a dress or a shirt and skirt that could be worn for a longer amount of time, as she grows or can be interchanged between girls with different measurements.